In this piece, we aim to answer one of our most frequently asked questions here at Plasloc and that’s what is the difference between our uPVC and composite hoarding panels? Our range of hoarding solutions is extensive and play pivotal roles in different projects across the UK for instance we work with large retailers such as Tesco and House of Fraser in the retail sector that see the use of our uPVC hoarding panels that are a lightweight solution, that is easy to install and cheap to bulk buy or for their many projects across London and the UK. Where security and the welfare of your project and the general public is an underlining complication; look no further than temporary hoarding solutions with Plasloc.

Protect the public with Plasloc Construction hoardings

The fundamental differences between our uPVC and composite hoarding panels across Essex

uPVC temporary hoarding solutions

Our uPVC hoarding panels are made from our 100% post-industrial recycled uPVC which provides significant environmental benefits as well as being a cost-effective system to provide our hoarding at a cheaper price to clients. Having recently achieved carbon neutral status we firmly believe in reducing our waste at every step of the manufacturing process to delivery to protect our oceans and ultimately the planet.

Still capable of standing up to the task at hand, our uPVC hoarding panels are structurally certified to adhere to BS 6180:2011 which can be seen used in multiple applications from offices to shopping centres. Available in an industry standard 1.2m and 2.4m height boards but can also be extended using our innovative jointing strip. For even more bespoke installations we have a range of optional extras from lighting to windows and doors and even brand graphics, that can be connected through tongue and groove paneling.

Composite temporary hoarding solutions

Our Composite panels are an amalgamation of laminated steel finished boards packed with mineral wool to provide a non-combustible core that has seen continuous success within the construction and industrial sectors.

What separates composite hoarding from uPVC hoarding screening system is that it can act as an insulated hoarding solution providing resistance to heat reduction and sound penetration the sound absorption material which makes it an ideal perk that is sought after for certain projects where noise disturbance must be kept to a minimum. Our acoustic and fire rated portioning system can be assembled promptly, seamlessly, and safely due to its unique interlocking system.

The advantages and uses of our uPVC and composite hoarding panels throughout Watford

uPVC temporary hoarding panels

Which type of hoarding you may require for a project is dependent on the project at hand for instance we recommend using uPVC panels for quick installation within city centres that will do the job of directing pedestrian traffic or keeping unwanted intruders away. In addition to our internal hoarding, we also supply our own innovative product, Plasklad which can be applied to conventional scaffold systems so no matter the job you can screen off your area with ease with this low maintenance product. This solution is perfect because it is cost-effective due to the fact we can reuse and recycle panels once they’ve been used.

We would also advise using this within the medical sector with COVID-19 being a part of lives now it’s absolutely essential for the healthcare sector and hospitals to prevent the spread of infection via clinical separation which is where our internal hoarding solutions come in – for its hygienic properties. uPVC resists forms of bacteria and can be cleaned easily with some warm water and a rag, which is why Watford General Hospital asked Plasloc for its free-standing system, a simpler alternative to standard building materials.

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Composite temporary hoarding panels

Our composite hoarding panels can be temporary and permanent structures that have seen use on royal and parliamentary buildings. A far more durable and heavyweight option in comparison to uPVC hoarding panels, our composite option see’s use in around construction sites because they have a stronger core that is more durable and doubles up with insulation benefits. This can be seen in our fire-rated tunnel installation project in Nottingham which had to build an access tunnel for pedestrians to access the shopping centre safely whilst a demolition took place, this required our composite hoarding for noise insulation purposes and had to be fire retardant to adhere to building regulations.

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uPVC and Composite hoarding solutions for domestic and commercial use in London with Plasloc

For all your temporary hoarding solutions, no matter the industry whether it’s construction or leisure look no further than Plasloc. We supply a range of hoarding systems from, Internal Hoarding, Demo Wall Systems, Access Tunnels, and External Hoarding, to suit any building project. Complete with optional extras that are quick and easy to install, get in touch with a member of our team of experts on 01626 356995 for further information or leave us an email at [email protected]  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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