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Plasloc was developed to reduce landfill waste by utilising recycled plastic as an alternative to traditional timber hoarding, not only does it last years longer, but when it comes to the end of its life it is also recycled for reuse.

Plasloc is a proven sustainable innovative patented technology developed for the use as segregation partitioning in the most challenging commercial environments. Plasloc is designed to have no physical impact on land or buildings but provides a clean non-intrusive solution for all your internal & external hoarding needs. Its modular structure ensures a safe and secure configuration can be provided meeting our clients every requirement, including our adaptable demo wall and tunnel systems. Plasloc is ‘the go to’ brand among major retailers including Asda, Ikea, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Selfridges, Tesco, Waitrose, Westfield Shopping Centre to name but a few.

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Plasloc is a Hire and Sales company with a strong customer service ethos. We are here to provide your hoarding and screening requirements for your project with minimum effort for you. Just let us know what you need and leave the rest to us! We will design to your specifications, sort all the structural calculations, come to site and configure the hired equipment ready for you and once you are finished, we will return and take it away. If you need the hoarding to be adaptable and more around a site with you, again not a problem we can reconfigure any hoarding for you 247 365 days a year. We have teams of experienced, well trained, and knowledgeable operatives who will go out of their way to help and ensure you are happy. If you don’t believe us, don’t take our word for it ask one of our many happy clients such as Balfour Beatty, Berkley Group, Lend Lease, Base Build, Galliford Try, Kier and ISG.

We have extensive experience working in many different sectors including Airports, Rail, Government Buildings, Retail, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Leisure, and Office fit out. Whatever your requirement we will find a solution that meets your needs and does not stretch your budget. You don’t need to concern yourself with expensive post in the ground installations or purchasing large quantities of materials that will end up in land fill at the end of the project. Instead hire only what you need, when you need it, for only as long as you need it, and be reassured to know that none of it will end up in landfill but can be either reused again or recycled.

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At Plasloc we are all about recycling! This is not just a thing we say but it is what we do. Recycling is at the heart of who we are. Plasloc was developed to provide an alternative to traditional timber hoarding that all ends up in landfill. Instead Plasloc is completely closed looped, this means that we utilise recycled materials in the manufacture of our product and after we have it hired out numerous times, we grind up the plastic which can then be recycled either back into itself again or another uPVC product. Therefore, no plastic ends up in landfill or any other sort of waste.

Over the last few years, we have continued to take our green credentials a stage further. Plasloc is a carbon neutral company, and we invest in supporting the Tambopatu-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve project in Peru and the Borusan EnBW Enerji Wind Farm project in Turkey, meaning 591,851 hectares of forest will be protected and 373,000tCO2e fossil fuel derived emissions will be avoided every year.

We are also proud supporters of Just One Ocean, an organisation that is doing great things in looking after our oceans.


At Plasloc, we recognise how critical it is to provide philanthropic support where we can to our local community. We also acknowledge the importance of sponsoring good causes both at home and internationally. We are pound supporters of a number of social activities and organisations and donate towards educational enterprises overseas. For our latest community engagement activities please see our social media and news feeds.

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Training & Development

Plasloc is at its core a family business who believes in investing in the future and building a legacy that will stand up to the test of time. The best way to ensure our ongoing success continues is to support every member of the Plasloc team. Whether this is through training or mentoring staff to encourage engagement and result driven success. As such we are proud of our staff retention, with the average time served in excess of 5 years. This also brings a wealth of experience and on the job knowledge which can be seen in the high standard portfolio of delivered projects.

Just to let you know that in Morrisons Monthly Contractors Meeting (all their main contractors) it was noted by Morrisons how impressed they was with the quality of the Plasloc external hoarding and indicated that that’s what they would like to see on all their projects that required solid external hoarding.

Terry Heath // Project Manager ISG PLC

Yesterday I was having a walk round with the architects and the client and they all commented on how good the hoarding looked. To the point the client wanted to know why after 10 years of us working at Redbull why we have not used this system before.

Simon Whittaker // Site Manager SDC Special projects

A nice email to start the day… I would like to pass on my thanks to your two operatives on site last night at Water Lane. If everyone was that efficient, tidy and helpful it would make the world of construction a lot easier.

Ryan Wilks // Site Manager RG Group

Plasloc is a great example of an innovative company, addressing and utilising the sustainability agenda as a business opportunity. By developing high quality carbon friendly products, they have capitalised on new market opportunities and increased their competitiveness.

Paul Gilbert // Manufacturing Specialist SWMA

Thanks for a job well done. I have been impressed with the product and would definitely use you guys again should the opportunity arise.

Matt Davis // Balfour Beatty Project Manager

The install team was always polite and well presented, the work was carried out with the minimal interruption to the hospital and on completion the area was left clean and tidy. The product is very well suited to the clinical needs of a hospital environment

Ian West // Project Manager West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust

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