Tough, secure and safe shopping centre hoarding ideal for live retail environments.

It is essential that a live retail environment remains operational with minimal disruption when refit or construction work is underway. The Plasloc hoarding systems are an ideal solution and can be seen in shopping centres all over the world from the UK to Australia. Plasloc is the ultimate temporary hoarding answer for projects of all sizes, as it is fully scalable and reusable.

Traditional retail hoardings can have a negative impact on the visual aesthetics of their surroundings, especially within shopping centres. Plasloc, however, provides a clean white smooth surface which can be left as is without the need for painting or graphics and looks fabulous. Or if you prefer you can utilise this space and fill it with images, signage or advertising content to promote a new store or your company. You could even sell this space to advertisers and generate income.


The best shopping centre hoarding solutions

Internal hoarding is available at 1.2m or 2.4m in height but can be adapted up to 3m and is structurally tested and certified to meet BS 6180:2011. Plasloc’s external hoarding system is fully adjustable to any gradients or ground substrate. No expensive ground scans or costly reinstatement as it is freestanding so no damage to land or buildings, making it ideal for car parks. Or consider our full-height temporary segregation barrier also known as the Plasloc Demo Wall. The demo wall solution has been specifically designed to provide a fully enclosed barrier entirely sealing from floor to ceiling preventing dust or noise and can be configured to a height of 14m.
Plasloc can offer full-service graphic options across our hoarding range, so whether you are looking for a block colour or branded wraps, drop us a line and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Promotional hoarding for shopping centres

Plasloc also offers a range of branding options to make their hoarding look more appealing and less obtrusive and help take nothing away from the retail experience. Branding solutions include custom graphics and logos, which can be wrapped directly onto the hoarding panels or alternatively can be printed on Foamex or Diabond allowing it to be reused on future projects.
This not only makes hoarding more visually appealing, but it can also help to promote the shopping centre's brand and message to customers.

Internal hoarding with advertising

Shopping centre refurbishments and openings

Shopping centre hoardings can be used for live shop refurbishments where the rest of the shop is still open to hide construction, provide public access and ensure the safety of shoppers during the work while offering a pleasant and clean aesthetic.
Plasloc hoarding solutions can also be used before a new shop opening to build anticipation and to inform the public of what it’s going to be and display opening times. The options are endless, so please give us a call and we can assist in finding you the best system for your needs and provide some great case studies to demonstrate Plasloc is the best possible solution available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question for us? Hopefully we can answer it in our Frequently Asked Questions here:

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Is site hoarding a legal requirement?

To comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers and the self-employed must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the general public. The implication of this is that construction sites need a protective boundary, with site hoarding being the most fitting solution. This has led to a demand for hoarding construction systems .

Who is responsible for construction hoarding?

The principal contractor has responsibility for construction site hoarding. However, whether they wish to design the hoarding construction themselves or employ a subcontractor to do it for them is their choice.

When do construction hoardings need to be in place?

Before any construction work starts. In most cases within the construction industry, this is essential to protect site workers and comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 and other relevant guidance.

How long should hoardings last?

Hoarding construction needs to last for as long as the construction is taking place on a particular site. However, whilst the length of time will depend on the individual project circumstances, the standard acceptable lifespan of site hoarding is 10 years.

How much will my project cost?

The cost of a project will depend on the type of hoarding you require and the duration of your project. All Plasloc products are competitively priced, and we work closely with you to provide the best quotation and price for your hoarding construction requirements. Get in touch today for a free quote with no obligations.

How does Plasloc fit together?

All sections of Plasloc hoarding are connected with a traditional tongue and groove joint and compression lock which removes the need for any fixings such as nails and screws and reduces any cutting and drilling to limit potential damage. It also requires no ground penetration, so it can easily be installed at the start of the project and removed at the end of it, to suit all your hoarding construction needs.

Success Stories

Plasloc has successfully completed numerous shopping centre projects thanks to its leading hoarding systems.

Internal hoarding with advertising
External hoarding with Sainsbury's advertising
Internal hoarding
Internal hoarding
Glasgow Fort
Carphone Warehouse
Internal hoarding inside a John Lewis store

Just to let you know that in Morrisons Monthly Contractors Meeting (all their main contractors) it was noted by Morrisons how impressed they was with the quality of the Plasloc external hoarding and indicated that that’s what they would like to see on all their projects that required solid external hoarding.

Terry Heath // Project Manager ISG PLC

Yesterday I was having a walk round with the architects and the client and they all commented on how good the hoarding looked. To the point the client wanted to know why after 10 years of us working at Redbull why we have not used this system before.

Simon Whittaker // Site Manager SDC Special projects

A nice email to start the day… I would like to pass on my thanks to your two operatives on site last night at Water Lane. If everyone was that efficient, tidy and helpful it would make the world of construction a lot easier.

Ryan Wilks // Site Manager RG Group

Plasloc is a great example of an innovative company, addressing and utilising the sustainability agenda as a business opportunity. By developing high quality carbon friendly products, they have capitalised on new market opportunities and increased their competitiveness.

Paul Gilbert // Manufacturing Specialist SWMA

Thanks for a job well done. I have been impressed with the product and would definitely use you guys again should the opportunity arise.

Matt Davis // Balfour Beatty Project Manager

The install team was always polite and well presented, the work was carried out with the minimal interruption to the hospital and on completion the area was left clean and tidy. The product is very well suited to the clinical needs of a hospital environment

Ian West // Project Manager West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust

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