Construction hoarding is built around the perimeter of a construction site in order conceal them from view and prevent unauthorised access. Set up temporarily until work on site has been completed, construction site hoarding is an essential requirement for keeping site workers, visitors and the general public safe, and for complying with health and safety legislation. However, it can also provide protection against theft and vandalism, working as part of a site’s security system.

What is the purpose of construction hoarding?

In addition to the points outlined above, site hoarding has the following uses:

  • Site hoarding can be embellished with a wide range of advertising materials, including Dibond, foamex and Vinyl graphics.
  • Concealing a construction site from public view helps an area to look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hoardings can be fitted with company colours and brand logos, improving visibility of a particular brand.
  • Graphics that point visitors in a particular direction are also quite common, especially on property developments.
  • By putting the information of what is coming soon on the hoarding (like in the example below), the interest of passers-by and potential customers can be aroused.


What types of hoarding are used for construction sites?

Hoarding construction is available in a variety of materials; steel hoarding and timber hoarding being two of the most commonly used types. Here at Plasloc, however, we use our patented PVC-U hoarding system. Highly durable and requiring no ground penetration because it’s an interlocking system, it’s the perfect accompaniment to help any construction project progress.

If you’re trying to decide which type of hoarding is right for a particular project, you should ask think about these four considerations when choosing temporary hoarding.

Construction hoarding cost

The cost of construction hoarding is affected by a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • The length of the hoarding
  • Its height. The recommended height for hoarding is 2.4m, although some are constructed as high as 3m.
  • Whether any advertisements are required. More information on advertising hoardings is available via the link here.
  • The hoarding material

Here at Plasloc, our low maintenance PVC-U construction hoarding is priced very competitively, to help meet any budgetary requirements. It’s also built from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled PVC-U and can be re-used before it is fully recycled. Therefore, it offers a range of excellent environmental benefits too.

Does construction hoarding require planning permission?

In certain cases, it will require planning permission. However, this is usually in the case of advertising hoardings. Specifically, advertising hoardings that do not qualify for what is known as ‘deemed consent’ will require planning permission from the local authority.

For more information on this, we have an informative blog available that covers planning permission for advertising hoarding.

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Whether you require internal or external construction hoarding for a project, we can help. The patented Plasloc system comes installed to our structural engineer’s site-specific calculations, ensuring all your temporary hoarding requirements are met. For more information, give us a call on 01626 356 995 or contact us online.

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