‘What are site & advertising hoardings?’ is a question we’re asked regularly here at Plasloc. So, as we regularly supply both types of hoarding, we’ve decided to simplify it for those who may not be sure. We’ve also created a list of tips for how to choose the right hoarding solution for your project.

What are site hoardings?

Also known as construction hoarding, site hoardings are a form of temporary fencing. Their main purpose is to divide space and restrict public access to a construction site. Construction sites are filled with potential hazards so restricting access is essential for ensuring the safety of the general public. However, hoardings can also protect equipment from thieves, plus they are sometimes necessary for legal and insurance purposes.

What are advertising hoardings?

Advertising hoardings are a form of site hoarding that has been equipped with a form of advertisement. This can make construction hoardings look more visually appealing. They’re also an excellent way to promote the business that the site hoarding is for, a different business or number of businesses.

Here at Plasloc, we provide a full selection of printed Dibond, foamex or Vinyl graphics, which we can apply to our hoarding systems. We can also customise them with your corporate colours, fit clip-in posters and multimedia advertising so we’re able to fulfil a huge variety of advertising purposes.

Our tips for choosing hoarding for your project

Hoarding is available in both internal and external variations so bear this in mind when choosing site hoardings.

Is the site that is to be cordoned off on a flat surface, a gradient or both? If so, you will need a hoarding system that is capable of overcoming any gradients. Our external hoarding utilises adjustable 600mm base jacks for this exact purpose.

Consider the duration of time you have to complete a project. If hoarding has to be in place before any work can commence and your project is on a tight schedule, the quicker a hoarding can be installed and removed, the better.

Think about what the weather is due to be like and which hoarding material is able to endure it. An issue with timber hoarding, for example, is that it can weep after continual weather exposure, which can result in the hoarding collapsing. The patented Plasloc system, on the other hand, is constructed from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial PVC-U. So, not only is it one of the most sustainable hoarding solutions around but it will also stay strong after heavy exposure to the wind and rain.

Learn about whether or not planning permission is required for your proposed advertising hoarding. We’ve created a short guide on advertising hoarding and planning permission that you can use to do this.

If you require site or advertising hoardings for a construction site, Plasloc can help. We operate across the UK, installing sustainable hoarding solutions quickly and efficiently for use in a wide variety of sectors. For more information, please call us on 01626 356 995 or you can request a quote from us online.

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