Plasloc hoarding solutions specialist is in demand for its hygienic screening for hospital projects.

Plasloc has worked with the NHS on several complex construction projects for hospitals and its most recent order was from Watford General Hospital.

“During this unprecedented period, it’s vital that hoardings in hospitals is hygienically clean to prevent the spreading of infection,” said Leigh Matthews, Director of the Newton Abbot-based company.

“We have extensive experience in working in the healthcare sector and hospitals, where our unique hoarding solutions have been perfect for decontamination and clinical segregation.”

Plasloc is a patented, freestanding PVCu internal and external cladding system that is a more sustainable alternative to standard building materials.

And there are many reasons why Plasloc’s hoardings are in such demand during the current climate.

Hygienically clean

Unlike more traditional screening solutions, Plasloc is hygienically clean, making it the best hoarding for construction projects in the healthcare sector.

“Our hoardings provide cost-effective clinical segregation for infection control and can help create decontamination units within hospitals,” said Leigh.

“They can be easily cleaned to prevent infection and are perfectly suited to the clinical needs of a medical environment.”

Effective design and installation

Plasloc has been designed for quick installation and easy removal and the specialist in-house design team helps to ensure partitions are tailored to each client’s needs.

Projects have included the creation of temporary screening wards during sickness outbreaks; patient tunnels to provide a safe and hygienic passage for staff to continue to work; and hoardings to protect staff and patients during construction work.

“When it comes to hoardings for a hospital construction project, not only do they have to be hygienically clean, but they also need to be quick to install and easy to remove,” explained Leigh.

“We also understand the need to work efficiently in such a busy environment, and pride ourselves on our professionalism.

“Our hoardings are easy to fit and remove, allowing our installers to cause minimal disruption to staff and patients.”

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