First and foremost, construction work that compromises the safety of others is unacceptable. Plus, it’s also bad for business. Who is going to want a hire company that can provide no guarantees of safety to their workers or members of the public? Here at Plasloc, safety is one of our top priorities when it comes to the design and installation of our products.

Selecting the right hoarding for the job

A big part of safety in construction work is choosing the right site hoarding provider. In October 2018, the hoarding outside of a H&M store in West London collapsed onto an elderly woman, resulting in paramedics taking her to the hospital. Consequently, the reputation of the construction company and the hoarding providers are likely to come under serious scrutiny. Plasloc’s external hoarding, on the other hand, has never failed. Constructed from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial PVC-U, it is exceptionally weather resistant. Unlike timber hoarding, it will not weep over time and will remain continually solid after continual weather exposure.

The importance of preparing properly

When preparing to install our external hoarding system, we use third-party structural engineers to calculate all potential factors with Plasloc in-house design team producing CAD drawings. This process ensures the support areas of our hoarding are located at 2.5m intervals, the optimal distant apart for every part of the structure to be supported adequately. Performing these calculations is also essential for identifying any potential issues, such as an area where occasional access is required, so the hoarding wall can be constructed accordingly. This process also ensures that all temporary works requirements are met. Many other hoarding companies do not use site-specific engineers or perform this process, running the risk of compromising the structural integrity of their hoarding systems.

Our devoted installation team

Every installation is performed by our expert team. Using our own installation team means the quality of our installations is consistently excellent. Once installed, we periodically perform checks on our hoarding wall systems and perform any necessary maintenance as and when it is required. This ensures the hoarding wall can continue to be used safely.

Plasloc’s PVCu external hoarding

Our external hoarding is an interlocking system that doesn’t require ground penetration. This eliminates the costly process of reinstating hoarded ground areas and performing ground scans. When doors are required for this system, we fit a horizontal tube and secure it with double couplers so the rigidity of the structure is not affected. If the gradient of the area requiring hoarding wall differs, we use adjustable 600mm base jacks so they can be overcome.

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