Plasloc continues to provide first class solutions at second class prices. Safe and fast installations with minimum disruption in high volume foot traffic areas.

Whether high security locations like airports and train stations you can be assured that Plasloc delivers secure installations that are pleasing to the eye in modern day settings.

With additional items like curves, flat screen monitors and cable management, giving bespoke feel to our standard range.

Safe and fast installationsMinimum disruptionClean lines, modern appearance
Range of ‘off the shelf’ optional accessoriesIntegral Information/advertising Media pods

Just wanted to take the time to share a success at T4. We have installed a new style of hoarding on the victor pier passenger conveyors which I think look really professional and are great for passenger experience. The materials are 100% recyclable and reduce waste and landfill which is really great for our environment. I am not sure how this could become a HAL standard or who could look into it, but I think it is worth exploring. Thanks to the Balfour team for making this work.

Cathy Baxter

(T4 Customer Operations Manager)