Throughout the years since plasloc launched, plasloc noticed a high demand for temporary hoarding systems being clad to conventional scaffold in city centres due to lack of space for ballasted external hoarding systems

Plasloc innovations went to work on a temporary spine system that could be clamped to conventional scaffold and not interfere with connecting swivels, couplers and jointing sections, the spine system is used alongside Plasloc’s standard 300mm PVC-U board using the same tongue and groove system, specially designed webbing within the spine gives much needed strength to withstand the most adverse weather conditions and potential acts of vandalism in city centres.

Plasklad is secure and durable, having undergone testing by the metropolitan police and has been given approval for use on royal and parliamentary buildings.

The temporary system is a quick and low-maintenance city centre solution, it can be easily cleaned with no need for painting to keep its high quality finish, the panels and spines are extruded in white Plastic.

Plasloc – site hoarding and screening innovations.

Really impressed with the Plasloc system; good quality, quick installation, their installation guys were helpful – and they have a quick turnaround time, I ordered on Thursday last week and installed on Tuesday. And they were able to do some value engineering! I’d definitely use them again on another job.

Ben Knight (Project Manager) Morgan Lovell

Project – One Hemel