Internal temporary hoarding systems, designed for quick installation and easy removal

Plasloc’s standard internal wall hoardings are structurally tested and are certified to meet BS 6180:2011. The internal hoarding systems are available in 1.2m and 2.4m heights but these standard board heights can be extended using our specifically designed jointing strip. Plasloc’s tongue and groove innovative cable and lighting containment can also be added to this for more bespoke installations.

Environmentally Efficient

All our internal hoarding products are ideal for the retail or commercial environments but are equally suitable for use as offices, soundproof areas and sterile areas within hospitals. We believe in creating sustainable products that are eco-friendly because we want to pass this world on to the next generation and it takes individual efforts to achieve this. As we supply many outlets and sites across the UK all their temporary hoarding supplies, we feel it’s our duty to do our bit to leave our mark on the planet. This is why the standard internal site hoarding wall system is made from robust, 100% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled PVC-U and can be re-used before being returned to recycling, giving significant environmental benefits as well as being a cost effective and safe internal hoarding system.

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Optional Extras

As with all Plasloc’s systems, the internal wall hoarding appears clean and light and can be customised with your corporate colours or the addition of printed Diabond, foamex or Vinyl printed graphics. The standard range can also incorporate doors, windows, LED lighting, power containment, clip in posters and multimedia advertising. See the Optional Extras page for further details on options.

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Internal hoarding for hospitals 

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Just wanted to take the time to share a success at T4. We have installed a new style of hoarding on the victor pier passenger conveyors which I think look really professional and are great for passenger experience. The materials are 100% recyclable and reduce waste and landfill which is really great for our environment. I am not sure how this could become a HAL standard or who could look into it, but I think it is worth exploring. Thanks to the Balfour team for making this work.

Cathy Baxter

(T4 Customer Operations Manager)